Read Me to Sleep, Ricky

Confusion, a novella by Stefan Zweig

August 18, 2022 Rick Whitaker Season 1 Episode 13
Read Me to Sleep, Ricky
Confusion, a novella by Stefan Zweig
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Show Notes

Rick Whitaker, host of Read Me to Sleep, Ricky, reads Stefan Zweig's 1927 novella "Confusion." A bewildered young man in Berlin is sent by his father to a university in a small town. There, a brilliant lecture awakens in him a passion for learning—as well as a  peculiarly intense fascination with the professor who gave the talk. The student grows close to the professor, be­coming a regular visitor to the apartment he shares with his much younger wife. He takes  it upon himself to urge his teacher to finish the great work of scholarship that he has been laboring at for years and even offers to help him in any way he can. The professor welcomes the young man’s  attentions, at least on some days. On others, he rages without apparent reason or turns away from his disciple with cold scorn. The young man is baffled, wounded. He cannot understand. But the wife understands. She understands perfectly. And one way or another she will help him to understand too.

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